I guess I better go find a Flynn to torment~~

So wait, I’m Zessica now? What do?

sip tea with Rowen and eat peach pie of course

I am Lloyd who has a 24/7 nosebleeding problem. Very melon, indeed.

time to stalk/irritate some baka tonos

I… don’t even know how to deal with this. Maybe i’ll take some myspace pictures and start a hipster Izaya meme

I would be uhm.pretty angry for 24 hours.And by the time I was myself again I’d probably be hopelessly lost in some random place really far from where I’m actually supposed to be uwu

April 28, 2012 - 8:03am [2 years ago]
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    I’d swim through the dark depths of the ocean, uncurling my tendrils to snag and devour sea butterflies when they...
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    I would shout anything I could find off a cliff and ride a dragon.
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    CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP Apparently I’m dead now.
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    i am the MOTHERFUCK SUN! fear the almighty nuclear reaction held in check only by the massive gravitational force of my...
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    I am a dog. I do dog things. Pee on stuff, fuck some bitches, eat gross things off the ground. Pretty much no change...
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    I’m fucking slenderman, bitches gon’ be dying. That and a whole fucking lot of stalking and inducing terror in anyone I...
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    If I woke up as Karen Crisis I’d be fucking happy
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    An exploded cube.
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    Use my magic abilities and take care of my little brother.
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    Enjoy being a fucking acrobat. Magic at shit. Walk around the mansion and break stuff then fix it then break it then fix...
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    I’d probably clean, sweep up Aunt April’s ashes, clean some more, make sure Hannah doesn’t eat the soap in the bathtub,...
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    heck Id do what ever i wanted! Id have aaaaalllllll of time and space!
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    i may have to join you with that
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    hunt the lot of ya
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    I would fly around reaping skeletons for the skeleton war
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    Kill monsters. Collect souls. Rinse and repeat. Not to mention I would finally have his swanky pimp coat.
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    Bitch about things beyond my control. Stubbornly insist that I’m right. Play the organ. Be fabulous. Enjoy a...
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    I’d finally have an excuse for all the antique medical shit cluttering up my room.
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    Turn into a werewolf and scare the shit outta folks, then be epic about it
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    Killing human beings for blood and having vampire fun and mischief >:)
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    The same thing I do every night: try to take over the world.
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    Uh I can’t tell if my icon changed or not so if I’m my old icon I’m probably eating grass but if I’m My new one im...